saving antarctica

a year back an ethical marketing co. decided to take bigger steps by participating in the International Antarctic Expedition 2017 (IAE 2017).

it's now time to go the Southernmost tip of the world with a mission to let Antarctica be - the last great wilderness on Earth that it is. The expedition involves studying and experiencing the continent’s fragile ecosystem, its unique wildlife and the magnificent landscape that is to be preserved. It brings together people from all across the globe to debate, discuss and determine firsthand the effects of climate change.

we are living in an Anthill we feel that everything is OK - just like WE at green whynot felt, but actually everything we do effects & affects the environment, the smallest of changes can make a big difference - i felt this when the Mumbai Floods happened & then the Chennai floods in the last few months the rains continued much longer than expected, CLIMATE CHANGE will happen... I sold my FUEL CAR to buy an #e2O an electric car with #zero emission.

Help me - AMIT GUPTA CGO of greenwhynot by adding to our kitty to go to #IAE2017

YOUR FUNDS will help us go to Antarctica & in return we will...

  • plant 130 trees in the next 10 years - 13 trees every year - after each one of you who support us.
  • do school rounds, corporate visits to spread the awareness - Antarctica 2048 treaty & small daily changes we can make to save our environment.